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Long-term investments in American education, research, and human capital ensure our nation remains a leader in an innovative society.. Paving the way for young men and women to gain access and opportunities in STEM education and careers is more important now than ever before as the world continues towards a more cutting-edge and tech-based global economy.

NACME remains at the forefront of the effort to build pathways to engineering and technology for high-achieving minority students. With a 41-year track record of delivering on STEM objectives tomobilize resources, rais awareness, facilitate partnerships, and achieve results, NACME seeks to transform corporate America by making a quantum leap forward in the supply of minority STEM professionals. Your support of NACME helps to shape future leaders in American innovation for decades to come.


The Financial and Economic Impact

NACME delivers a means to address the talent gap.

NACME provides real and meaningful solutions to corporate workforce needs. As a NACME Partner you have direct access to the NACME Scholar Online Resume Directory connecting you to a diverse, highly-trained network of future STEM professionals.  NACME Scholars are among the best and brightest, with an average GPA of 3.3. As the country’s need for high-tech workers grows, your company will benefit directly from a NACME partnership, while supporting diversity and expanding the pool of talented professionals.


NACME partners with many of the world’s most successful and prestigious companies and educational institutions.

NACME partners with corporations, foundations, universities, schools, and individuals that share our vision of an engineering workforce that looks like America. These partners include 35 Fortune 500 companies and 51 leading colleges and universities. With this elite group, your company can share best practices on improving diversity efforts, connect with leaders within higher education, develop valuable business relationships, and have input on outcomes.


NACME is changing the lives of talented minority youth.

NACME seeks to maximize the potential of underrepresented minorities in order to assure diversity with equity in engineering education and careers. NACME works with a national network of leading college and university partners to recruit, enroll, educate, retain, and graduate underrepresented minority engineering students, providing approximately 1,250 students each year with $4.2 million in scholarships.


NACME is shaping national policy on education, diversity, and the global economy.

NACME conducts research studies, distributes several research briefs yearly, and hosts biennial conferences bringing together influential corporate, educational, and legislative leaders actively working to reshape the country’s educational system. NACME officers meet regularly with government agencies and Members of Congress.
NACME’s authoritative research focuses on engineering workforce trends and critical education issues.
NACME is an authoritative leader in the collection and analysis of data which informs the national dialogue on the role of diversity in driving STEM innovation. NACME’s research projects are disseminated to a wide range of corporate, government and educational stakeholders. Throughout the year, the NACME research team conducts research and analysis in trends in education, enrollment, degree completion, and workforce participation.


What Is Your Return on Investment When You Support NACME?

NACME BOARD COMPANIES: NACME board participation signifies a commitment to inspiring systemic change in our education system in order to build diversity with equity in the nation’s high-tech workforce. NACME Board Company members represent some of the world’s leading engineering, technological and diversity business leaders. These companies also have first and ready access to NACME Scholars for internships and entry level positions. Results from the NACME Graduating Scholars Report indicates that the graduating NACME Scholars are very likely to remain loyal to their internship companies when entering the workforce.

NACME CORPORATE COUNCIL: Participants in the Corporate Council are similarly committed to building a diverse and highly trained engineering workforce in order to sustain and enhance American global competitiveness. Through a wide range of giving levels, companies joining the Corporate Council can share best practices with industry peers, enjoy special recruitment opportunities at NACME partner universities, participate in NACME events, and interact with NACME’s preeminent Board of Directors.

BUSINESSES: NACME focuses on finding long-term solutions. As a corporate-driven entity, NACME’s goal is to assist major corporations find the finest diverse, domestic talent in STEM. We understand that diversity drives innovation that directly benefits designs, products and, most of all, creativity—all components of U.S. competitiveness.

ECONOMY: NACME is committed to ensuring the vitality of the American economy by generating a growing cadre of highly skilled and educated minority engineers and future business leaders. Through partnership and collaboration, NACME seeks to transform corporate America by making a quantum leap forward in the supply of minority STEM talent.

COMMUNITY: NACME builds awareness around the excitement and opportunity of a career in engineering, technology, mathematics and science-related fields for underrepresented minority students as well as those in the best position to guide them on the educational pathway. With young African American, Latino, and American Indian women and men projected to constitute half of the U.S. college-age population by 2050, NACME is helping to shape the futures of young people who will be new leaders in American innovation for the next few decades.


What Distinguishes NACME from Other Similar Organizations?

NACME is far more than a scholarship source. NACME’s programs and activities collectively form an infrastructure of support for minority young people for every stage of their education and career development, from middle school through workforce entry.
By collaborating with a national network of partner institutions, NACME’s helping to assure academic excellence and retention-to-degree for students of all backgrounds.
In bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations at the highest levels of corporate influence, NACME is working to ensure that businesses can recruit the talent they require, but to also ensure that our country maintains the strong pool of technical ability it needs to sustain its economic and strategic strength.


How can my company get involved with NACME?

  • Join NACME’s Board of Directors or Corporate Council 
  • Support NACME’s special events, including the NACME Awards Dinner, Continuum Meeting, National Symposium, and public policy events
  • Provide unrestricted funding to support NACME and our integrated, national strategy of engineering education
  • Provide in-kind donations
  • Volunteer to serve on a local Academy of Engineering Advisory Board.
  • Partner with us to raise public awareness around the urgent need for diversity in STEM education and careers as well as NACME’s critical role by communicating these issues through your organization’s media vehicles.

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