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Your personal gift to NACME at the leadership level of $1,000 or more will help strengthen our programs to increase the representation of talented and successful African American, American Indian, and Latino young women and men in engineering careers.

Annual support at the Leadership Annual Gift level ($1,000+) is more crucial than ever to the enhancement, long-term growth, and quality of NACME and its programs.

Leadership Annual Gifts enable NACME to meet our most pressing needs and to fund our highest priorities––scholarships, research on engineering education and workforce diversity, and new initiatives such as pre-engineering to help strengthen the math and science pipeline of minority middle school and high school students.

Membership in the NACME Leadership Gift Society recognizes individual donors for their annual support . Our fiscal year runs from September 1 through August 31. Make your gift go even further- submit your company's matching gift form. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, your generosity will be recognized in our annual report.

Individual Leadership Recognition Levels

Individual Leadership Recognition Levels Chart

Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. For more information, or to make your contribution, please call 914-539-4010 ext 214.

To make your tax deductible donation today, using our secure server, simply click here.

Consider recognizing a special teacher with a gift in his/her honor.

Perhaps an endowment gift - a gift which could establish a scholarship in perpetuity - would make the kind of statement you desire.

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NACME is an IRS-designated 501 (C) 3 nonprofit charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.


Individual Donor Honor Roll (2013-2014)

Founder’s Circle ($10,000 and up)

Susan P. Barsamian
Nicholas M. Donofrio
Howard D. Elias

Chairman’s Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

Eileen M. Campbell
John A. MacDonald
Joseph A. Patti

Benefactor ($2,500 to $4,999)

Mark W. Albers
IBM Employees Charitable Contribution Campaign
Christopher T. Jones
Patricia A. Strickland
Grace Tseng
Peter B. Wiley

Patron ($1,000 to $2,499)

Rodney C. Adkins
Kimberly S. Admire
Prenthis Aguilar
Richard D. Baily
Michael J. Barber
Raymond C. Dempsey
Joseph C. Geagea
William P. Gipson
Rhoman Hardy
Saundra Johnson Austin
John T. Lucas
Michele Macauda
Gary S. May
Irving Pressley McPhail
Douglas M. Owen
Michael T. Pan
Percy Pierre
Larry Robinson
Mark B. Rosenberg
Mark E. Russell
Randy Stashick
Michael J. Stover
John J. Tracy
James C. Vardell
Eugene & Claudith Washington

Sponsor ($500 to $999)

Anonymous (2)
Andrew Abeyta
Olester Benson
Arthur P. Burson, Jr.
Matthew Carrillo
Gerald T. Charles, Jr.vFelicia J. Fields
Ronald Glover
Shelton A. Howard
Gina L. Hutchins
Anthony "TJ" Jackson
Wayne A. Kauchak
Susan M. Lewis
Cheryl A. Marceau
C. D. Mote, Jr.
David C. Nagel
Magda K. Nassar
Linda S. Sanford
Morris Tanenbaum
Terri L. Timberman
Donald P. Timlin, II

Friend (up to $499)

Anonymous (4)
Jason Armstead
Rashod Austin
Justin Barras
James R. Blackwell
Sharon L. Brogdon
Trinard F. Broussard
Norman K. Bucknor
James Brit Byrnes
Anthony E. Clayvon
Suzanne Cohen
Dorien E. Corbin
Eugene Covington
Lisa Dorman
Denise Ellis
Marjorie H. Everitt
Donovan D. Fairclough
Sandra Flores
Everett G. Foreman
William K. Frederick
Jose A. Gallardo
Brenezza D. Garcia
Gustavo D. Gonzalez
Coray A. Harper
Aaron L. Henry
David J. Hernandez
Rosalie Hershfield
Simone P. Hruda
Jerry M. Hultin
Frank Ingram
Ifiok Ituen
Kevin J. Jacob
Gilbert D. Jaramillo
Alex Johnson
Jennifer Jones Dobbins
Duane C. Jubert
Elizabeth Kautzmann
Jacqueline T. Kelly
Sarah S. Kok
Brenda Krulik
Pamela Leigh-Mack
Andrea C. Lewis-Echols
Marcie L. Love
Donald McKinnon
Hattie Ruth McPhail
Elkin Mejia
Luis J. Mendez
Tiffany E. Monroe
A. Claire Morse
Arturo Parks
Eysha S. Powers
Alfred L. Randall
Ronald F. Roberts
Thomas M. Salas
Marcy L. Sandles
Robert D. Scott
William J. Shelmon
Mary D. Simmons
Melonia A. Simpson
Christopher Smith
Ellen S. Smith
John J. Stevens
William R. Stultz
Alrick Thomas
Gena Townsend
Lamont Truttling
DeeAnn Turpin
Wendy Vincent
Aileen Walter
Eric Williams
Natasha L. Wilson
Ronald Winder
Calvin E. Woodland
Philip T. Woodrow
William A. Wulf
Sandra Wyatt
Janice M. Zdankus
Laura Zeno



Additional documentation:

We're also pleased to provide electronic copies of some additional documentation you may require to make your contribution (all documents in pdf format):

990 Tax Return (2013)
990 Tax Return (2012)
990 Tax Return (2011)
990 Tax Return (2010)
990 Tax Return (2009)

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