Serena Williams

Tennis Champion

Helio Castroneves

Race Car Driving Champion

Frederiek Toney

Ford Motor Company and NACME Board Chair Emeritus

Obed Louissaint

IBM and NACME Board Chair

Michele Lezama

NACME President and CEO

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. will host its 47th Anniversary Scholarship Fundraising Gala on Thursday, December 2, 2021. The program will be live streamed into our country’s leading Universities banquet halls nationwide for official banquets and campus ‘watch’ parties!

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME, Inc.) is celebrating 47 years of providing scholarships and support for under-represented students in the field of engineering with bold, innovative actions. NACME’s inspiring vision now supports almost 1,000 students—and advances an agenda with a national scope.

On Thursday, Dec. 2nd, NACME will celebrate its Holiday Gala and its decades-spanning mission to foster an engineering and computer science workforce that looks like America. NACME will inspire participants to “imagine the future” with a virtual event that will include receptions on campuses in multiple cities, inspiring messages from celebrities and athletes, testimonials from alumni and students, and an enthralling panel discussion led by Chief Technology Officers from globally-recognized firms. Proceeds from this event will be used to offset tuition costs for almost 1,000 engineering and computer science students who depend on NACME scholarships to fund their education.

For Contributions and donations, please contact NACME Director of Corporate Initiatives, Chris Greaves,

For event details, please contact NACME Director of Programs & Events, Kevin Smith,

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