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Scholarships for Native Americans

Native American engineering scholarships, geared toward American Indian and Alaska Native student college funds, help to support the most underrepresented group in engineering. Native Americans constitute 0.7 percent of the overall population, and 0.9 percent of both school-aged (nine-to-17-year-old) and college-aged (18-to-24-year- old) individuals, yet only account for 0.4 percent of all engineering bachelor’s degrees earned in the U.S. Native Americans are also the most underrepresented group in the engineering workforce, as they comprise only 0.2 percent of engineering faculty and 0.3 percent of employed engineers. To address this issue, NACME had awarded 726 Native American scholarships since our founding in 1974. One NACME Native American scholarship recipient was Sandra Begay-Campbell, now Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. To read more about her click here.


Native American Student Challenges


Unfortunately, Native Americans face great challenges in the classroom. Native Americans students are 117 percent more likely to drop out of school than their White peers, and only seven of 100 Native American kindergarten students will eventually graduate and earn a bachelor’s degree, compared with 34 of every 100 White kindergarten students. In kindergarten, Native American students score significantly lower, on average, on their reading and mathematics scale scores than their White and Asian peers.

While nearly 75 percent of all U.S. public school students graduated from high school with a regular diploma in the class of 2010, only 51.1 percent of Native American students earned their diploma, which was the lowest percentage for any group.


When it comes to a college education, statistics show that the total number of engineering bachelor’s degrees earned by Native Americans has increased since 1977, the first year that data is available in the National Science Foundation’s WebCASPAR database (from 135 to 309) 4, the percentage of engineering bachelor’s degrees earned by this group has remained flat (0.3 to 0.4 percent). 


Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Grants for Native American Students


Financial aid, scholarship funding, and higher education grants are needed to support initiatives the help students enroll in college and close the achievement gap for Native American students. Scholarships for Native Americans help them as they face unique challenges as the most underrepresented group of minority students in education. Contributions to NACME to fund our scholarship programs help all underrepresented minority groups, including Native Americans, and help NACME achieve its vision of an engineering workforce that looks like America.  

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