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Here you will find a collection of a wide range of reports regarding STEM education and career fields.

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NACME Research Briefs provide a summary of population trends, pre-college educational challenges for URMs, enrollment and persistence in engineering, engineering degrees, and the U.S. engineering workforce, and provide policy recommendations based on this data.

Volume 4

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As the leading source for data on underrepresented minorities in engineering, NACME produces a wide variety of reports focusing on URMs in STEM education and STEM careers.



NACME conducts annual research at its partner universities, which produced 31 percent of the country’s total underrepresented minority engineering graduates in 2007. These reports provide comprehensive information on their undergraduate experiences and professional opportunities



The NACME 2013 Data Book and its accompanying data decks are now available. In order to make the information contained in this critical publication, NACME redesigned the format to make it much more user friendly. Like the 2011 Data Book, the 2013 edition, features the most authoritative data available on the state of minority groups—African Americans, American Indians, and Latinos—that have been traditionally underrepresented in STEM education and professions.



In order to better organize the information collected, NACME separated the data for the 2013 NACME Data Book into six initial decks. Supplemental decks will be posted periodically, as more data becomes available. The decks are separated as follows:

Deck 1: Increasing Diversity of the U.S. Population 

Deck 2: Pre-College Educational Challenges 

Deck 3: Enrollment and Persistence in Engineering 

Deck 4: Engineering Degrees in the U.S. 

Deck 5: U.S. Engineering Workforce 

Deck 6: 40 Year Trends, 1974 to 2014



Deck 1: Increasing Diversity

Deck 2: Pre-College Challenges

Deck 3: Enrollment and Persistence

Deck 4: Engineering Degrees

Deck 5: U.S. Engineering Workforce




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