NACME Scholars Program

The NACME’s Scholars Program provides scholarship support in the form of grants and professional development programs to partner institutions who commit to ensure increased enrollment, and successful matriculation of under-represented minority students in the fields of engineering and computer science.

University Eligibility

Academic institutions that wish to become a NACME Partner University must demonstrate a commitment to under-represented minority student success that is evidenced in their recruitment, admission, retention, education, and graduation of Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic-American, and Native/American Indian engineering and computer science students

Student Eligibility

NACME Scholars are currently selected by partnering Universities. If you are matriculating at a NACME Partner University as a computer science or engineering major, please contact the NACME Representative at your institution to determine their process for consideration. To be eligible for a NACME scholarship applicants must:

Payment Distribution

NACME distributes grant payments in two installments each academic year. Scholarship dollar amount varies by NACME Partner Institution. For details on scholarship amounts and renewable timeframes please contact the NACME representative at your partner University.

Reporting Requirements

The academic institution provides NACME with an annual report that includes graduation and retention rates as well as biographical information, GPA, and dollar amount of support for each NACME Scholar.

Expectations for Continuance

Partnership agreements are reviewed at the end of each award period. Grants are renewed annually to compare institutional performance against established enrollment and graduation goals. NACME expects evidence of continuous improvement toward parity. Such indicators of success would include in the aggregate rising GPAs, reduction in retention rate between NACME Scholars and comparison group (e.g., other under-represented minority engineering and computer students or non-minority engineering students), and stable or decreasing time to degree.

NACME Contact

For more information about the NACME’s Scholars Program please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..