Scholarship Management Service (SMS)

The Company-Affiliated Partner Scholarship (CAPS) is designed as a complement to the centerpiece of NACME’s student support strategy, the NACME Scholars Program. In response to inquiries from companies eager to support minority engineering undergraduates at institutions where NACME is not currently a partner, we have developed CAPS.

This program is a fee-based scholarship management service in which a corporation seeks to underwrite part of the annual tuition and fees of African American, American Indian, or Latino students admitted for engineering study at the baccalaureate level. The sponsoring company can stipulate how the resources shall be distributed and over what duration, subject to approval by NACME and the enrolling institution.

The resulting “NACME-company Scholars” shall be so designated and publicized. Performance requirements, i.e., basic academic and financial data, will be reported annually to NACME, who in turn, will issue a report to the company donor on the progress of the Scholars in the context of national enrollment, retention, and graduation trends.

CAPS is not a capacity-building program like the NACME Scholars Program. Since the company is investing in the institution of its choice, typically for reasons of geography and disciplinary specialization, NACME is simply facilitating the process on behalf of the company. While the institution’s capability to support student success may be unknown, NACME is prepared to help the recipient institution develop the mechanisms that contribute to success.

NACME is organized to create efficiencies in program administration and fiscal management. Our data management system is a secured, transaction-oriented website that allows for efficient and useful monitoring, analysis, and feedback for the client while focusing on the individual student participants.

NACME scholarship management service currently administers and supports:

·    Alfred P. Sloan Minority Ph.D. program, providing application review/selection and confirmation, award notification, disbursement of payments, and data management at over 30 institutions.

Minimum Program Requirement: $100,000 – annually

Administrative Fee: 10 -20% (depending on the size and requirements of the scholarship commitment)

To participate in CAPS and tailor a program to serve your company’s needs, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..